Monthly Publication / Volume 16 Issue 49 August 2023

Impact of Stray Cattle on the Indian Economy: An Economic Analysis

Amir Khan, Saghir Ahmad Ansari and Shoaib Ansari

A Study on Employee Awareness Level towards Employee Green Behaviour among It Professionals in Chennai

Dr. K. Pushpa. Dr. B. Bhavya, Dr. V. Nithya Priyadharshini and Dr. V. Vanitha

Relationship between Inflation and Prices of Tomatoes, Onions, and Potatoes in India

Dr. Vinod Kumar Bhatnagar and Dr. Sana Khan

Strife of Sustainable Tourism in Rural Indian Fringe

Dr. Saurabh Krishna, Dr. Richa Tiwari and Baisakhi Debnath

A Critical Analysis of Promotional Activities of Tourist Services: Indian Perspectives

Sourav Mangoch and Dr. D. Jain

Neuroatypicality in the Workplace: Leveraging the Power of a Unique Mind

Elixir Sagar, Dr. Shikha N. Khera and Dr. Naval Garg

Review of a Burning Issue: Municipal Solid Waste Management in India

Manmohan Singh and Dr. Karminder Ghuman

Environmental Sustainability through Green HRM: Sustainable Organizational Development in an Emerging Economy

Dr. Sarbananda Sahoo, Dr. Uma Raman. M, Dr. Meeta Mansaram Meshram, Dr. John E P, Dr. K. Maheswari and Dr. R. Malathi

Recent Trends, Technology and Challenges of ICT Integration in Teachers’ Education

Dr. C B Ragothaman, T. Shyam Swaroop, Dr. Shubhra Tiwari, Dr. John E P, Erika Machado-Falconi and Liliana Vaca-Montenegro

The Modern Marketing Organizations Revolution Enhancing Strategy for Successful Business

K. Kumar, Dr. Yaaseen Masvood, Dr. Prashant G. Mishra, Ridhika Chatterjee, Dr. Tushar Arya and Dr Rachita Kapoor

Bibliometric Analysis of Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance

Krishna Dixit and Reshmi Manna

Revamp the Legacy of India, Khadi and Village Industries To Reach Global Ramp

Lalitha Srinivasan and Dr. Ameer Hussain

A Study on Factors Affecting Success of Women Entrepreneur

Sandhya P Zingade and Dr.Hemanth Kumar S


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