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Call For Special Issues

Korea Review of International Studies invites proposals from parties interested in Editing a Special Issue

Among these the issues that Korea Review of International Studies wishes to address include:

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmentalism and climate change
  • Foreign Aid and Investment – ‘Trade vs Aid?’
  • Globalisation
  • Innovation – social and technological
  • Micro-credit and microfinance
  • Sustainability
  • Transformational marketing
  • Green marketing
  • Marketing for NPOs
  • Social marketing
  • Volunteer and charitable organisations
  • Well-being
  • SMAC (social media, mobile, analytics, cloud)
  • BRAID (blockchain, robotics, automation of knowledge work, internet of things and digital fabrication)
  • N Sustainable Development Goals
  • Science, technology management, technical change
  • Technology and sustainable development
  • Best practice in the promotion of sustainable technologies
  • Industry and sustainable development
  • Sustainable development policies
  • Green economies and green growth
  • Eco-efficiency and cleaner production
  • Water and development
  • Sustainable energy use and renewable energy methods



Korea Review of International Studies applies social science theories and concepts to significant political, economic and social issues and to the ways in which public policies are made. Its articles deal with topics of concern to public policy scholars worldwide. The journal often publishes articles that cut across disciplines, such as environmental issues, international political economy, regulatory policy and European Union processes. Its peer reviewers come from up to a dozen social science disciplines and countries across three continents, thus ensuring both analytic rigor and accuracy in reference to national and policy context.

Korea Review of International Studies seeks to promote the progress of the social sciences, information technology and the use of social science and information technology knowledge in the enrichment of public understanding and in the development of organizations and public policy.

It does so by fostering multidisciplinary understanding of important questions among those who create, disseminate, and apply the social sciences and information technology, and by encouraging and celebrating talented people who produce and use research to enhance public understanding of important its problems.

Korea Review of International Studies is a double-blind peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal which seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience, insights and ideas about the theory and practice of Korea Review of International Studies and information technology.It is currently in its 14th Volume (2021) and is rated C in the Australian Business Deans Council Journal Quality List.


Korea Review of International Studies was launched in 2008, and seeks to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge, experience, insights and ideas about the theory and practice of information technology and Korea Review of International Studies.

Clearly, these issues go well beyond the scope of any single discipline.

As such the ambition of Korea Review of International Studies is to attract contributions from scholars who perceive the opportunity to apply their work to critical issues facing modern society.

Recognizing that the academic and practitioner communities are subject to differing criteria in the evaluation of their work, Korea Review of International Studies has adopted a two tier editorial structure.

While the Editor will exercise overall control over the acceptance and publication of material he will do so on the advice of two sub-boards – a Management Advisory Board comprising senior practitioners whose organizations are actively involved in Korea Review of International Studies , and an Academic Editorial Board which will oversee a double blind peer review process for the selection of academic papers.


Theme: AI & Sustainability

Guest Editors:

Dr. Krishanveer Singh,

Tarun Singh Anand &

Dr. Asha Bhatia.

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Theme: Recent Development in Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Blockchain Technology 

Guest Editors:

Dr Sonu Dua, Associate Professor, Lyallpur khalsa College Technical Campus.

Dr Sakshi Dua, Assistant Professor, Lovely Professional University.

Pushpa Hongal, Assistant Professor, Kousali Institute of Management Studies, Karnatak University Dharwad,

Dr. Gururaj Phatak, Assistant Professor, Kirloskar Institute of Management Harihar &

Dr Simranjit Singh, Principal, and Professor, St Soldier Institute of Business Management and Agriculture.

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