Monthly Publication / Volume 16 Issue 47 JUNE 2023

A Conceptual Model for Commercial Banks &; Profitability with Efficiency and Credit Risk Using PLS- SEM

Dr. M.Purushotham Naidu, C. Lavanya and M. Sylusha Reddy

Exploring the Evolution of Fashion Illustrations of Sarees: A Visual Journey through India's Rich Saree Culture

Bhavin Patel and Prof. Aparna Vajpayee

A Critical Analysis In Understanding The Major Determinants Of Penetration Strategies Applied By FMCG Companies Using Social Media Marketing In Rural Areas -An Indian Perspective

Dr. Sailaja Nimmagadda, U. Yojitha, V. Geethika, V. Vyshnavi and V. Sri Devi Leela

A Study on Compensation Management and Employees Performance in IT Sector

B. Madhusudan Rao, Samiya Mubeen and Abhilasha T R

Understanding Post-Adoption Behavior in the Context of Mobile Wallet Applications: An Integrated Model

Dr. S. Saibaba

A Study On “Private Label Brands and Store Loyalty: A Study of Consumer Perceptions in the Indian Retail Industry”

Jagadish Tulimelli, Dr. Sarita Sathpathy and Dr. B. Rajeev Kumar

Identifying Sustainability Indicators of Environmental Consciousness in the Aviation Industry

Sanjay Kumar Hooda and Shweta Yadav

Industry 5.0 and Banking 5.0: The Challenges Ahead

Priyanka Jaiswal and N. K. Totala

Big Five Personality and Emotional Intelligence among Students of Higher Educational Institutions

Dr. P. Lakshmi Narayanamma, Dr. Anjaneya Sharma and Chamala Aparna Reddy

Global Trends in Diversity, Equality and Inclusivity (DEI)

Mohd Abdul Maroof and Sanjay Kapate

A Comparative Study of Performance of IPOs in India – Pre-Pandemic and During the Pandemic Times

Dr. V Y John, Dr. Madhavi R, Dr. Rajiv U Kalebar and A. Venkat Sandeep

Analyzing the Relationship between Employee Turnover Intention with Motivational Force and their Biographical Characteristics: A Study in Indian Information Technology Sector

Dr. Aditi Banerjee, Dr. Henry Babu, Dr. Jyoti Singhal and Dr. Sonia Gupta

Private Label Brand: Unveiling the Key Drivers of Consumers’ Purchase Intention

Dr. Jigna Chandrakant Trivedi, Dr. Sunita Jatav, Dr. Priyanka Raghani and Dr.Gagan Prakash

Information Technology Adoption in Micro & Small Enterprises in the Post-Covid Scenario: The Imperative of Leveraging It for Sustenance: A Literature Review

Vikram Jit Singh and Dr. Ashim Raj Singla

A Study on Factors Affecting Of Online Marketing on Customer Purchase Intention

Karnati Saketh Reddy, Prof. Manjunatha Naik, Dr. Tanuj Sharma and Mahabub Basha S

Relational Negotiators for Compromising Ethics and Moral Values Among Students: A Case of South Gujrat

Sumit Vadher, Prof. Aparna Vajpayee and Prof. Parag Sanghani

An Empirical Study on Relationship between Workforce Engagement Practices and Organizational Sustainability of Pharmaceutical Industries in Andhra Region

Auadhati Datta, Dr. P. Lakshmi Narayanamma and Dr. P. Sanyasi Rao

Analyzing the impact of Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction on Organizational Commitment among Hospital Employees: An Empirical Study

N. Naga Anusha, Dr. P. Lakshmi Narayanamma and A. Sai Manideep

A Study on Social Identity and Its Influence on Consumer Brand Loyalty

Dr. B. R. Kumar, Dr. A. Madhuri, Dr. T. Suresh and Dr. M. Shireesha    

Double Lockdown Cobra Effect: Stockpile Behaviour of Consumers during Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr. Yasmeen Bano, Dr. Deepika R, Dr. Shanmugapriya I and Arun Prasad Rathnakaran

Historical Conflict of Israel with Its Arab Countries

Nungsangyula Imchen and  Dr. Manasi Sinha

Masstige Marketing: A Conceptual Framework and Case Study Analysis

Dr. Sunil Kakkar

Effect of Green Human Resource Management on Organisation Environmental Performance: The Mediating Role of Environmental Knowledge and Environmental Passion

Prof. Surekha Rana and Neelakshi Chauhan

A Study on Tax Literacy and Investment Decision among Salaried Individuals

Pooja Bibay, Dr. Pradeep Kumar Asthana and Dr. Pooja Pandey 

An Analysis of Monetary Policy Responses Initiated by RBI during Covid-19 Pandemic with Reference to Indian Economy 

Dr. Pooja Srivastava


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