Monthly Publication / Volume 16 Issue 46 May 2023

Startup Unicorns: Study of Factors Leading Towards Success

Dr. Sonam Sharma, Upasna Khera and Dr. Anuradha Barda

Familiarity With and Preferance on the Use of Generic Medications by the Doctors of Odisha

Bibekananda Mohanty, Dr. Snigdha Madhusudan Das and Dr. Uma Sankar Mishra

A Study on Factors Affecting Green Purchasing Behaviour and Future Directions

Thirumala M, Dr. Vishalkumar Jagdishchandra Mali, Dr.Manojkumar.J, Ashutosh Kumar Jha, Shivam Bhardwaj and Hemant Anil Malviya

Fossil Fuel Price Hike: Extruding Shallow Saving and Income of Lower Income Strata- Impact on Common Man’s Life

Dr. Neena PC, Kambam Vedantan, Dr. Dinesh.N and Dr Vinayak Anil Bhat

Evaluation of the informational complexity of mathematical programming problems

Suresh Kumar Sahani, Binod Kumar Sah and Surendra Kumar Tiwari

Bibliometric Exploration of Greenwashing: Mapping the Research Landscape and Emerging Trends

Dr. Dileep Kumar Singh, Dr. Shrikrishna Dhale, Dr. Jonathan Joseph and Yogendra Jain

Social Entrepreneurship: Transforming Innovative and Leadership Characteristics to Social Values

P. Sheela and Dr. V. Gowri Lakhsmi

Do Climate Changes influence the Food grain Production in India? An ARDL Model

Mohammad Amir, Shoaib Ansari, Dr. Furqan Khan and Mohammed Rashid

Analysing the Language Assessment Literacy of Teachers-With Reference To Jharkhand State in India

Dr. Ria Mukherjee

A Study on Corporate Governance Practices of Indian Banks

Shelly Monga and Dr. Balwinder Singh

Mobile Commerce: An Empirical Study on Users’ Perception towards Adoption Behaviour

Dr. Harpreet Kaur Sawhney and Dr. Ravneet Kaur

A Study of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices Influencing Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Manish Awasthi, Mahendra D. Ingole and Dr. Mahek Iram Qureshi

The functioning of the Indian economy under various monetary policy frameworks and the dissemination of the monetary policy framework in India

Dr. Yogesh N. Ingle and Mayuresh Dagadu Sangale

A study on Impact of Ethical Values on Intellectual Property Rights

Dr. Sarita Rana, Ishita Rana, Amrita Singh and Priyamvada Tiwari

Bibliometric visualization of media ethics research: patterns and trends

Dr. Dileep Kumar Singh, Dr. Sophia Ansari, Abhishek Singh Sikarwar and Hemraj Kawadkar

A Study On E-Marketing And It's Strategies; Digital Opportunities and Challenges

Dr. R.Jayanthi, Dr. S. Periyasamy, Dr. T Rajesh, Madhavi Rudravaram, Dr.Jyothi M N and Dr.N.V.S. Suryanarayana

Integrating Learning Context and Characteristics of Gen Z & Gen α

Dr. S Kumaraperumal, Dr. M Pradeepa, Dr. M Karthikeyan and Dr. A Ravisankar

An Empirical Analysis of Consumer’s Perception Criteria and Reachability of Service Providers With Regard To Health Care Services

Fahmeer Hussain, Pradhyuman Singh Lakhawat, Poonam Singh and Shanti Swaroop Chauhan

Understanding the Effects of Human Capital on Economic Growth in Developing Countries, Does Institutional Environment Matters? : Evidence from Sub-Saharan African Countries

Bazie Porto

An Overview of SPAC and Its Relevance in Indian Context

Dr. R.Vennila, Dr. Reshma Sultana P.H, Dr. Sudha B.S and Rakesh N


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