Monthly Publication / Volume 16 Issue 42 January 2023

Capital Structure and Firm Performance: An Empirical Study of Indian Companies

Mishu Tripathi, Dr. Tariq Aziz and Dr. Nirmala Joshi

Green Marketing and Sustainable Development Challenges and Opportunities: An Indian Scenario

S. Devichandrika, T. Shyam Swaroop, Jige Sandipan Babasaheb, Safdar Ali, Dr. Amol Murgai and Dr. Tushar Arya

The Role of Women Entrepreneurship & Impact on Economic Development in Modern World

Jyoti Vyas Bajpai, Dr. Bhola Khan, Dr. Hema Singla, Dr. S Thirumalesha, Jugal Kishore and Rohit Kumar

The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Performance: The Mediating Role of Employee Commitment

Dr. Farhat Ali Syed, Dr. Kumari Soni, Dr. Monika Sharma, Rohit Vyas, Safdar Ali and Jahnavi K.N

An Umbrella Review of Customer Engagement Within the Hospitality and Tourism Context

Snehashis Khan

Comparative Analysis of Voice Call Performance, Network Connectivity and Call Drop on Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Phone Services

Anurag Kumar Srivastava, Dr. Shakti Ranjan Mohapatra and Dr. Manit Mishra

A Study on Identifying the Factors Associated With Personal Financial Planning Using a Qualitative Approach

Srilakshminarayana G

An Investigation of Identifying Risk Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Behavior in Online Shopping

Swapna Datta Khan, Dr. Riyaz Ahmed Qureshi, Chhabi Ram Matawale, Dr. Prashant Gupta, Arpit Namde and Dharani R

Recent Trends in Green Supply Chain Management Practices – A Review Swapna Datta Khan

M. Harish Behin, Dr. K.Kiran Kumar Varma, Ramya R, Dr.Shekhar.R and Dr. Amit Chauhan

Customer Loyalty in E-Commerce: A Review and Bibliometric Analysis

Dr. S. Saibaba

Brand Protection in Covid-19: Global Implications, Legal Challenges, and Neo Opportunities

Dr. Zahid Parwez and Narayan Chandra Sarangi

Consumers Attitude and Behaviour on Ready-Made Idly Batter

Mariappan Gnanaprakash, Vasu Vinod Kannan K and Jaisun M

Millennials and Flexible Work: A Win-Win for Employers and Employee

Akash Kaushik and Arvind Kumar

An Empirical Study on Technical Analysis as Trading Tool for Stock Selection

Dr. Roopali Patil and Ashutosh Yadav

Analysis and Prediction of 21st Century Recessions on Global Economy

Gokul Srinath, Hari Hara Sudhan, Sandhiya Karunakaran and Dr.Gopinthan.N

Analysis of the Effect of Russo- Ukraine War on Stock Markets

Hari Hara Sudhan, Gokul Srinath, Sandhiya Karunakaran and Dr.Gopinthan.N


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