Monthly Publication / Volume 15 Issue 40 November 2022

A Study on Microsoft Bing Chatbot

Bikramjit Pal

Adoptation of Blockchain Technology in HRM

Jeganathan Gomathi Sankar, K.Ilangovan, Arokiaraj David and Ganeshkumar.C

Human Resource Development- Upscaling All Round Organisational Efficiency

Dr. Seema Bhakuni

Consumer Acceptance of App Based Mobile Marketing in India: An Empirical Analysis

Sambedita Biswal and Gunjan A. Rana

Impact of Industry on Environmental Accounting and Disclosure Practices Really Matter?

Dr. B. Omnamasivaya, Dr. P. Manoj Babu, Dr. B. Tejeswani, Dr. G. Chaitnaya Eswar Naidu and Dr. T. Vijaykumar

A Study on the Mindset of Generation Z in Correlation to Their Profession in Tirupattur

Dr. Arockiamary R

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is driving Variable in Sustainable Finance

Dr. Girish Garg, Neha Verma and Arshad Ali

A review on Indian consumers in promoting sustainability in fashion

Dr. Mousumi Sengupta

A Study on Financial Perseverance of Medicinal Services with reference to LNGO of Anand

Dr. Jaimin Trivedi, CA. Asmita Vyas and Mehul Mistry

A Study of Organizational Role Stress for the Management Teachers in Rajasthan- Post -Covid Effect

Dr. Atul Gupta, Dr. Vedika Sharma, Dr. Rupali More and Dr. Priya Sengupta

Study on the Effect of Cultural and Emotional Intelligence on Commitment in Automobile Industry

Benita S Monica and Roshini .G

E- Recruitment and Its Impact on Job Seekers

Gigi G S and Divya A

Grievance Handling Procedure in Banking Sector

J.K. Sree Hareenee and P. William Robert

Impact of B2B Customer Experience on Loyalty

Dilip Kumar and Mahesh V.J

Measuring Service Quality of GB Pant Hospital Of Andaman and Nicobar Islands by Using Servqual Method

Gigi G.S and Jaya Kumari

A Study on Impact of Usage of Financial Products on Customer Satisfaction in Private Banks

P. William Robertm and S. Srikrishnapriya

A Study on Recruitment and Retention of Manpower in Covid-19

Prasanna Sivanandam and Rahmath Nisha A

A Study on Recruitment and Selection Strategies in IT Company

Prasanna Sivanandam and Ashwath Kumar R

When Gen Z Buys Headphones, Colour Matters: A Study of Colour Psychology of Gen Z

Dr. Swati Manoj Yeole and Prof. Tarana Agrawal

Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Marketing Era

Vikki Sharma, Mohd Hassan, Haridarshan and Mohammad Turaab Suhail

A Study on Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal System of Non- Teaching Supporting Staffs at Clinical Premises of Saveetha Dental College & Hospitals

Sharmila and Anandharaja .E

A Study on Acceptance of Covid-19 Vaccinations among Public in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Samna. V. A and K. C. Raja Shree

A Study on Impact of Incremental Innovations on Market Share

Geetha Priya Thiyagarajan, P. Praveen Kumar and Yuvasree. V

A Study on Influence of Motivation on Employees Job Performance

Lokesh .A, Bhuvaneesh .R and Mano Samuel Raj

A Study on Retention of Nurses in Multi-Speciality Hospitals: Strategies and Key to Reduce Attrition

Ponmathi Mangai B and K.C. Raja Shree

A Study on the Factors Affecting the Retention of Customers in Cambrionics Life Science

Punitha.R and Anandharaja.E

An Effect of Organizational Fairness on Psychological Distress of Nurses

Thaslim .A.R, Mohsin Ahmed and Mano Samuelraj

Barriers Faced By Expatriates in International Assignments

Kavitha. K and P. Praveen Kumar

Perception of Investor towards Currency Derivatives in the Capital Market

L. Anitha

Self-Efficacy and Emotional Intelligence Influence of Team Cohesion to Enhance Team Performance

Clement. K.P and Ramkumar. C


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