Monthly Publication / Volume 15 Issue 39 October 2022

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on India's Federalism

Dr. Preeti Singh

Assessing the Impact of Green Banking Initiatives over the Sustainability among the Select Public Sector Banks

Sandhya.Thumma and Dr. K. Sivanageswara Rao

Doctrine of GNH and Employee Employer Relationship: A Study of Manufacturing Industries of Bhutan

Aparna Vajpayee, Parag Sanghani, Dilip Kumar Chakraborty and Ajay K Jain

Employee Commitment as a Mediator between Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Performance

Mamta Gaur, Dr. Rekha Singh, Dr. Jaymin Arvind Shah, Dr. Dipa Banerjee, B. Nagarjuna and Mohammad Turaab Suhail

Effects of Consumer Behaviour on Green Marketing – A Study on FMCG Sector in Karnataka State

Dr. Naveen Kumar M S, Dr. K V N Lakshmi, Dr. Rajeshwari G M and Dr. Swapna H R

Impact of Non-Performing Assets on Profitability of Banks: A Study of HDFC Bank

Dr. Rishikaysh Kaakandikar, Vikrant V. Nangare, Aparna. P. Sawant and Ganesh Krishnaji Injekar

An Empirical Study on Challenges and Opportunities in Recruitment in Information Technology Sector

Dr. Anni Arnav, Dr. L. B. Muralidhar and Jayam Sai Sushma

Perception and Attitude on Menstruation a Taboo in Urban Gujarat

Dr. Hardi Raval, Dr. Gaurav Rajput, Dr. Kshitij Trivedi and Anjali Bhatt

Analysis and Optimization of Supply Chain Finance Management Based On Big Data in E-Commerce

Dr. G.Pandi Selvi, Dr. Rajesh Chouksey, Jaykar L. Jadhav, Dr.N.Vinodha, Dr. Ganesh RameshTeltumbade and Dr. B.Parimala Devi

Artificial Intelligence Based Human Resources Management in E-Commerce Industry

Dr. SP. Mathiraj, Dr. K.Karthick and A Nithyakarpagam

Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Purchase Intention

Deepa Sujith, Dr. V. G. Murugan, Sumiya Sivarasu, Musharraf Mohiuddin Shaikh, Dr. N.Sujatha andArun Kumar Singh

Implementation of Probable Detection as Statistical Model to study the barriers in E-CommerceMarketing and validate them using Qualitative Methods

Dr. Zamarrud Ansari, Padmakar Shahare, Dr Sagar Bhadange, Dr Roshni Sawant, Dr. Shubham Joshi and Dr. Rajeshri A. Admane

Use of ICT in Developing Effectiveness of Teaching Skills for Teachers in Higher Education

Dr. Shrish Kumar Tiwari, Padmakar Shahare, Dr. Archana Ravindra Salve, Dr. Dhanashree Nagar,Dr. Kshama Ganjiwale and Dr. Sunil M. Adhav

Climate Change and Nature-Based Tourism: Mapping Linkages through Bibliometric Analysis

Murshad Ali, Mohd Wasil Asrar, Dr. Abdul Qadir, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Firdous Ahmad Shah and MohdArman

The Work-Life Balance: Women Entrepreneurship in the Emerging Business Scenario

Dr. G.Sai Sravanthi, Dr. M.Thyagaraju and N. Kalaivani

Review on Gig Economy in India and Its Rise

Dr. Punamkumar Hinge, Dr. Shubham Saxena, Dr. Hrishikesh D. Patil, Mohit Boralkar, Dr. Harshal Salunkhe and Dr. Abhijeet Thakur

Eco-centric nexus between Sustainability and Corporate Environmental Responsibility to attain Competitive Advantage

Dr. Salil Seth, Mrinal Kanti Mahato and Parveen Yadav

Exploratory Study of Adoption Intention and Effectiveness of Fintech Based Digital Payment Solutions for achieving Sustainable Development and Financial Inclusion: Indian Youth Perspective

Dr. Renuka Deshmukh, Dr. Srinivas Subbarao Pasumarti, Dr. Swati Bankar, Dr. Dhanashri Tharkude and Dr. Varsha Nerlekar


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