Monthly Publication / Volume 15 Issue 38 September 2022

Does Microfinance Provide Only An Illusion For Poverty Reduction? –Evidence from a Systematic Review on Different Facets Empowering Rural Women

Dr. V Lava Kumar, N Sathyanarayana, Dr. Madireddi SSV Sri Kumar and Dr. Guru Prasad BG

Gender Asymmetry and Inequality in Language: A Neutral Outlook

Rhea Pai and Dr. Sonal Sharma

Investors Perception and Awareness on Mutual Fund Investment Decision-Making: Post Covid-19

Dr. M. Thyagaraju, Ramesh Kumar, Dr. Sanjeev Chepyala, Dr. Subhash Chand Goel, Dr. S. Saravanan and Dr. Meena Sunil Sharma

Personality Traits as Antecedents of Customer Orientation: The Moderating Effect of Stress Variables on Customer Contact Service Employees

Sudarshan Seshanna, Monoo John, Meera K.L. and Renuka Babladi

Students Motivation: A Research Study on the Relevance of E-Learning on Higher Education

Dr. Kaushik Mishra, Parmar Vishalkumar Rajendrasing, Parnab Ghosh, Dr. Anil Kumar Dixit, Dr. Mohammad Shakeel and Dr Vinima Gambhir

Quality of Work Life: A Conceptual Framework in Education Sector

Dr. Amit Channa, Dr. Senthil Kumar M K, Parnab Ghosh, Saidatul Akmar Ismail, Ms. Sripriya Gurazada and Deepa Manoj Nair

An Investigation on the Impact of the Factors of Quality of Work Life on Socio-Psychological Aspects of The Workers

Dr. Tanmaya Kumar Mishra, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Thalari, C.A. Sandeep Gupta, Dr.Akabarsaheb B.Nadaf, Arundhatee Mishra and Dr. Gurfateh Singh

A Study of Talent Management and Its Impact on Performance of Organizations

Dr.Tanuja Singh, Dr.Suhasini Tatiparti, Supriya Chandrakant Gaikwad, Nandula Vamsi Jagannath, Dr.Punamkumar Hinge and Dr. Ankul Pandey

Marketing Strategies Used By Micro Small Medium Enterprises for Customer Acquisition and Retention- An Investigation of Social Media

Dr. K.Bhavana Raj, Dr. Govind Shinde, Dr. Archana Raja, Dr Ninad Murlidhar Gawande, Dr. Shivaratri Chandramouli and Dr. Rachna Mahajan

A Study on Service Quality towards Patient Satisfaction the Moderating Role of Time and Efforts in Private Hospitals

Dr Mamilla Rajasekhar, Dr. B. Mohan Kumar, Dr Vinayak Anil Bhat, Dr.A.Sulthan Mohideen, Dr.Manoj Kumar Katual and Dr. Mohathasim Billah A

A Study on Marketing with Special Reference to Home Delivery System in Super Market

Dr. Suja Sundram, Dr. Govind Shinde, Dr. Veldandi Ramchander Rao, Mohammad Turaab Suhail, Dr Ninad Murlidhar Gawande and Dr.M.Mohamed Ishaq

Digital Marketing and Its Impact on the Consumer Behaviour A Study with Special Reference to Select Cities

Sri Hari V, A.Sahana, Dr.Pratap Desai, Mohammad Turaab Suhail, Shanthini S and M.Mohamed Ilyas

Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management Practices in It Sector A Study On Select IT Companies

Dr.R.Sabitha, Sahil Bains, Dr. Suman Roy Barman, Vishal Vinayakrao Patil, Dr. S. Padmapriya and Saswati jena

A Study on Perception and Innovative Work Behaviour among Managerial Personnel

Dr. Tanmaya Kumar Mishra, Aashish.A.Gadgil, Jonita Dcosta, Dr. Hemamalini N, Saswati Jena and Dr. A. Sulthan Mohideen

India’s Transshipment Drive

Dr. M. Bina Celine Dorathy

Endogenous Tourism: An Exploratory Study of “Banavasi” The Capital of Kadambas

Viveka Nand Sharma, Dr. Garima Parkash and Dr. Saurav Chhabra

Digital India: A Transformative Agenda for Social Justice

Venkata Krishna Rao. K

A Study on Customers’ Preference towards health insurance products

Dr. Renu Rathi, Reshma and Archana. M.D

Digital Marketing in the Globe – A Historiographic Analysis

Fatima Zohra, Arup Barman and Subrata Ghosh

A Study on Evaluating Determinants of Adoption of E-Pharmacy in South Mumbai Region

Dr. Vijay Wagh


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