Monthly Publication / Volume 15 Issue 37 August 2022

GST Influence on Pricing Decisions of Service and Manufacturing Industries - A Study in Bangalore

Dr. Manjunatha BV, Manjunath B, Sheethal Hukkeri and Tejaswini S

A Compendious Study of Motivational Factors for Training and Development among Public Sector Employees in Media Sector

Anamika Singh, Dr. Farhina Sardar Khan and Dr. Syed Shahid Mazhar

A Conceptual View on Effectiveness of Employer Branding Via Social Media Platforms

Uma Parameshwari S and Dr. Nisha R

Consumer’s preference towards Sellsumer: A Study to analyse the Indian consumers’ behavior

Kuldeep Kumar, Dr. Anuradha Tiwari and Dr. Nimit Gupta

A Study on Identifying the Key factors that affect the Store Atmosphere using a Qualitative Approach

S. Jayakrishnan and G. Srilakshminarayana

Impact of CSR on the Share price of Listed Automobile Companies in India: A Longitudinal Study

Manabhanjan Sahu

Resource Management at a primary school: A case study of Arivu Vidya Samesthe, Mysore, India

Dr. Mousumi Sengupta and Dr. Sunil M. V

Indian Management Students’ Preferences for Global Careers: An Investigation

Navjeet Kaur, Dr. Parul Sharma, Dr. Ranju Katoch and Dr. Deeksha Singh

An Inquiry into the Availability of Digital Infrastructure for Effective Online Teaching-Learning: Teachers’ Perspective in the Private Colleges of Tier-II Cities in Tamilnadu, India

Dr. R.Prakash, Dr. N.Indumathi and Dr. N.Jayanthi

Empirical Study of Home Equity Credit with Special Reference to Union Bank of India

Dr. Rishikaysh Kaakandikar, Mr. Vikrant V. Nangare and Aparna.P. Sawant

An Innovative Integrated Risk Management Paradigm for Financial Banks with Knowledge Management

Dr. Girish Kumar Painoli, Dr. Preeti Mishra, Dr. Raji Rajan, Dr. Rajeshri A. Admane, PD Gladstan and Dr. Kinjal Shah

Organisation Financial Risk Management Control System Using Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Rathnakar Gatla, Dr. Deepa choudhari, Dr. Samrudhi Churad, Dr. Santosh Lal, Vibhav Pratap and Dr. S. Saravanan

Growth Strategy for MSMEs in Defense Sector to Be Self-Reliant

Kommu Raju and Dr. Pinakapani Peri

Digital Finance as a Tool for Financial Inclusion - A Study with Special Reference Andhra Pradesh Region

Dr. K V R Satya Kumar, Dr. P Chakradhar, Ch. Siva Priya and G Sreevani

An Analytical Assessment of Consumer Online Impulse Buying Behavior during COVID-19

Dr. C. Kathiravan and C. Malliga

An Analytical Study of Awareness and Perception of Consumers towards Guerrilla Marketing in India’s Mumbai Region

Dr. Roshni Sawant

Green Marketing: Consumer Decision Making and Initiatives in India

Dr. Owais Ahmed


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