Monthly Publication / Volume 15 Issue 35 June 2022

Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Retail Sector in Maharashtra with Specific Reference to Pune City.

Dr. Mahesh V. Shitole and Dr. Vrushali B. Yadav (Shitole)

Resistance to Purchase of Organic Food- A Innovation Resistance Theory Perception

Komal Desai And Poornima Tapas

A Study on Educational Opportunities in Enhancing the Financial Status amongst Next Generation of Tea Estate Dependents in India

S Kannadas and L Gandhi

Empowering people through Skill Development Training: The role of MYRADA and TNCDW in India

L Gandhi

Banker’s Services That Leads to Customer’s Satisfaction in Availing Home Loan

Kedareswar Panda, Dr. Arya Kumar, Dr. Snigdha Madhusudan Das and Dr. Amitabh Nanda

A Conceptual Insight on Antecedents of Entrepreneurial Intention among Working Women in India

Falguni Prajapati and Dr. Farana Kureshi

Automated Textual Application

Dr. Revathi. R and K. Yuvaraj

Minimum Support Price for Farmers and the Impact on Their Income: An Investigation in Selected District Of Tamil Nadu

T.M. Gowri, Dr. Afzalur Rahman and Dr. K. Mohd Amir

Impact of Store Image on Customer Purchase Decision With Reference To Hypermarket

Prateeba Devi J, Rajamani K and Aishwarya T

A Comparative Analysis of Selected Open Ended Equity Schemes in Mutual Funds

Dr.Gopi. S, Dr. Rajamani. K and Deepak. S.M

Mutual Funds Performance Analysis - Selected Schemes of SBI Mutual Funds

Dr.Balamurugan. G, Dr.Gopi. S and Janani. M

Balancing Stress Associated With Work from Home

Nitin Kumar Bisht, Dr. Sonu Chowdhury and Dr. Raveesh Agarwal

Stress and Coping Issues in Management Students Post COVID-19 Lockdown

Dr. Shiney Chib and Dr.Arvinder Kour

A Study on Impact of Employee Attitude and Expertise on Customer Dissonance Experience in Sport-Goods Retail Stores

Rohita Dwivedi and Dr. Priti Saxena

Region-Wise Analysis of Effectiveness and Consumer Satisfaction of Food Delivery Apps: A Comparative Study

Gurinderpal Singh and Dr. Navleen Kaur


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