Monthly Publication / Volume 15 Issue 34 May 2022

Social Media: A Key Tool in Marketing of Luxury Brands

Suman Si and Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi

Refabricating Model for E-Governance Implementation for Old Age Pension Scheme in India through Contextual Analysis of Haryana

Dr. Anil Khurana and Ritu Jain

Impact of Zero Emission Vehicle Transition on Domestic Auto Ancillary Market

Rashika Rajan Singh,Dr. Nimish Gupta and Rohit Kushwaha

A Global Perspective Analysis: The Contribution of ‘Higher Education’ Towards the Economic Progress

Dr. Muralidhar L B, Dr. Nethravathi K and Dr. Yogita Satish Garwal

Analyzing the Factors of Customer Satisfaction about the Service Quality in Selected Public and Private Hospitals of the Raipur City

Altaf Yousuf Mir, Dr. Sadhna Bagchi, Dr. Vivek Choudhary and A. Chiranjibi Rambabu Achary

Quantifying the Role of HRD Interventions and Its Impact on Managerial Effectiveness in It Sector

Phalguna Reddy.k, Dr. Ramakumar Ambatipudi and Dr. N. Subrahmanyam

A Transformation of Financial Industry to Fintech – The Next Wave for financial Markets New Look

Dr. Kiran R K, Dr. Nethravathi K and Chetan

Impact of Enterprise Risk Management on Enhancing Competitive Advantage among Business Organisations by Moderating Role of Information Technology

Nivedita Shankaranarayanan, Dr.Manisha Jaiswal, Sameena Shaik, Sangeetha Komandur, Anne Anoop and Anil Kumar

Implementation of Innovative Strategies on Entrepreneurship Business as a Driver for Economic Development among Emerging Economic

Padmakar Shahare, Dr. Manisha Jaiswal, Dr. Deepshikha Kalra, Dr. Vishal Srivastava, Dr. Rani Susmitha and Dr.V.Dheenadhayalan

A Study on The Factors Effecting Consumer Buying Behavior With Respect to Branded and Traditional Gold Jewellery Malls

Dr. M.Sivakoti Reddy and Dr. D.Prasanna Kumar

A Study on Socio Economic Conditions of Domestic Women Workers in Namakkal District of Tamilnadu.

P.Sutha and Dr.S.Parvathi

Distance Academic Advising Roles and Skills during Pandemic: A Survey of Jazan University

Dr. Chamandeep Kaur, Ahmed Unnisa Begum, Samar Mansoor Hassen, Dr.Mawahib Sharafeldin Adam Boush and Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain

Exploring Student’s Perception towards Effectiveness of Online Learning across Higher Educational Institutions in India

Dr. Soumitro Chakravarty and Dr. Umesh Prasad

Shopping At Your Finger Tips: An Analysis of Consumer E-Grocery Adaptation and Purchase Behaviour

Sridevi Gopakumar and Dr. Madhava Priya Dananjayan

Right to Die and Aid in Dying: Pros and Cons

Divya Jangra, Dr. Sonu Agarwal and Medhansh Mishra

Abcde Approach to Emergency Management

Dr. Abanibhusan Jena and Dr. Arun Kumar

Significance of Tourism Industry in Indian GDP: A Review

Dr. Mahendra More, Dr. Abhishek Srivastava and Dr. Nilesh Tejrao Kate

Impact of Goods Return Policy on Online Buying

Dinesh Sonkul, Dr. Rajesh Chouksey and Vikas Pande

Factors Affecting Lenders Decision on Online Peer-to-Peer (P2p) Platform During and After Covid 2019: an Indian Perspective

P. Sheela and Dr. V. Gowri Lakshmi

A Systematic Review of Categorization, Demographics, and Biases Related To Mental Accounting

Dr. Sonam Arora

Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Market Growth during Covid-19 Pandemic

Dr.Anupam Mitra, Nivedita Shankaranarayanan, Anil Kumar Bhuyan, Anurag Nagar, M.Hariharasuthan and Dr.V.Dheenadhayalan

A Detailed Analysis of the Role of Human Resource Management and Its Effect on the Sustainable Growth of High-Tech Companies

Dr. Shilpa Bhakar, Dr. K. Sharath Babu, Dr. Somanchi Hari Krishna, Nagendra Prasad Krishnan, Dr. N. Manikandan and Dr.V.Dheenadhayalan

A Study on Acceptability of Social Media Networking Sites among Women

Dr Somanchi Hari Krishna, Dr. Saba Anees, Dr. Rajesh. P. Jawajala, Dr.M.Bhuvaneswari, S.Sekar and Dr.N.Sujatha

An Empirical Study on Attitude of Investors towards Mutual Fund in India

Dr. R. Srikanth, Dr. Manisha Jaiswal, Dr. N.Sujatha, Kapil Pandey, Balakrishnan S and Dr. D Deepa

Employee Attrition and Retention Challenges and Suggestions

Dr. Suvarna S, Dr. Senthil K Nathan, Dr. Rajesh. P. Jawajala, Dr. Amruta. Rajesh. Jawajala, Sarath Chandran M.C and Dr. Prabhjot Kaur

A Study on Consumer Attitude towards Fast Moving Consumer Goods Products

Dr. V Jaiganesh, Dr. Rajesh vemula, Dr.Veldandi Ramchander Rao, Ashish Kumar Bhateja, S.Veerakumar and Dr.R.Gopinathan

Angel Brokers Is Corona Negative: A Case of Successful Digital Transformation

Dr. Srijanani Devarakonda, Dr.Rashmi Soni, Robin Agarwal and Dr. Mahesh Luthia

Essentials of Industrial Relations – A Case Study of Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Dr. P.Sobha Rani and T. Prasad Babu

Cultural Intelligence in the Modern Era

D. Arokiaraj, V. Vibha, M. Maheswari, A. Karuppannan and S. Ajaykumar

Digital Marketing Strategies for Retail Business

V. Sanjeev and Dr. Sundari Dadhabai

An Impact of Mobile Number Portability on Consumer Choice

Dr. KVB Ganesh, Dr. D Prasanna Kumar, Samudrala Richa Sai Lakshmi Meghana, Kodali Jagadeesh, Sai Santhoshini Amirisetty and Saladi Sai Surya Suchandra

Commitment and Perceived Organizational Support Among the Higher Educational Institute Faculty Members in Bangalore City

Deepa.K and Dr. U. Bhojanna


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