Volume 16 | Special Issue 06 | July 2023

Theme: AI & Sustainability

Guest editor: Dr. Krishanveer Singh, Tarun Singh Anand & Dr. Asha Bhatia

The Emergence of AI and Innovation Networks: Changing Perspective to Innovation Dynamics

Prof.  Nilanka Chatterjee and Sachin Dubey

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Students’ Sustainable Education and Career Development Using Extended Toe Framework

Dr. K. Ravishankar and Dr. K. Logasakthi

A Study of AI in Banking System

Prof. Krutika Sawant, Harshvardhan Soni, Parthraj Maharaul and Saurabh Agarwal

A Step towards Making the Ride-Hailing Industry More Sustainable Using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology in India

Himanshu Meshram, Prashant Chaudhari and Hritik Nagdeve

A Systematic Review of Literature to Understand the Connection between Consumer, Sustainable Clothing, and Purchase Intention in Indian Context.

Dr. Ansari Sarwar Alam and Yushant Gumber

Exploring the Role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) To Strengthen the Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Sustainable HR Practices in the Post Covid-19 Era.

Dr. K. Logasakthi, Dr. Pranjali Madhur and Prof. Guruprasad

A Study about Sustainability among Luxury Brands.

Anushka Shukla, Sejal jain and Chirag Maheshwari

Impact of AI on Customer Relationship Management for a Sustainable Future – A Comparative Study between Retail Industry and E-Commerce Industry in India

Dr. Asha Bhatia, Dr. Mary Ragui, Sourabh Sharma and Nilesh Kumar

From Print to Pixel:  Analysis of Perception of Gen – Z towards Sustainability in Print and Online News Formats

Prof. Vijay Tandon, Devanshi Nema and Ajay Kumar Saini

Sustainable Innovations and Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Indian healthcare Industry

Dr. Asha Bhatia, Prof. M. Guruprasad,  Dr. Choton Basu and Anagh Pathak                                                                                   


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