Volume 16 | Special Issue 04 | June 2023

Theme: Current Research in Management, Sciences and Humanities

Influencer Marketing: The Modern Trend Creating a New Horizon of Virtual Opportunities

Prachi Chaturvedi, Deepshika Sharma and Sakshi Shetty

A Study on Employee Satisfaction of a Fintech Firm

Dr. Pooja R. Thorat and Dr. Aarti Sharma

Consumer Perception and Adoption of 5g Mobile Technologies at Mumbai

Dr. Sakshi Khatri, Dilip Jain and Dr. Prajakta Paranjape

Network Analysis – A Mathematical Tool to Understand Relationships

Dr. Meghana N. Vyas

Jockey, India: The Success Story

Dr. Sudesh N. S, Dr. Saradhi Gonela and Dr. Disha Pathak

Impact of Decision from Mindfulness for the People in Chennai Experiencing Natural Disaster In 2022

Dr. Satish Menon

Relation of Logistics Performance Factors on Gujarat’s Trade Potential

Ashish Kumar Bhatt and Dr. Bijal Zaveri

The Interplay of Humanities, Social Sciences, Sustainable Development Goals, and Stem Education

Dr. Aparna Sharma, Dr. Kanchan Khatreja, Manju Kundu, Dr. Priyanka Redhu, Rekha and Komal Yadav

Major Triggers for World Contemporary Gender and Sexuality Issues: A Holistic View with Marxist Base and Superstructure

Quan Thuong Pham

Effectiveness of Using Online Videos for Online English Language Teaching Courses In Times of Pandemic and Crisis: A Research Study with Special Reference to University Of Technology Applied Sciences and Technology, IBRI

Dr. Priya Mankara Vijayan, Dr. Michelle Inciso-Mendoza, Maha Awadh Abdullah Al Hosni and Anuradha Dorepally

Social Entrepreneurship to Sustainability: A Transformative Approach

Syed Ahmed Saad, Rashid Usman Ansari and Mohammad Yashik P

Assessing the Quality of Teaching through E-Learning Modules by the Management Faculties at Private Universities in Jaipur City

Dr. Nandani Sharma, Advocate Khushbu Goyal and Dr. Payal Sharma Upadhyay

Motivation Factors of Small Retailers Regarding Digital Payment Methods: A Survey of Hisar, Bhiwani, Faridabad & Gurugram District

Dr. Ashima Tandon, Dr. Deepak Kumar and Dr. Apeksha

Contributory Factors to Economic Well-Being for Small & Marginal Farmers

Pooja Rani and Dr. Gurjeet Kaur

Examining the Influence of Artificial Intelligence Implementation on HRM Practices Using T-O-E Model

Neha Kumari Siradhana and Dr. Ritu Gandhi Arora

A Study on Perception of Employees towards the Employee Branding Strategies in Organized Retail Sector

Priyanka Yadav and Dr. Meera Arora


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