Volume 16 | Special Issue 03 | April 2023

Theme: Management 4.0 Advancement & Sustainability 

Guest editor : Dr. Krishnaveer singh

The Role of Human Resource Management in the Business Sector

Ancy Antony Vattoly, Silpa M A, Sruthy K A, Keerthana T U, Anwar Fazil P K and Dr. Umesh U

Way of Business Strategies to Avoid Loss during Covid-19

Dr. J. Ramya, Dr. Ghousia Nasreen, Dr. Ruby Khan, Dr. Shikha Dabral, Jasmeet Kaur and Dr. G. Hudson Arul Vethamanikam

Role of Corporate Business Responsibilities in Business

Dr. Martin Selvakumar Mohanan, Dr. K. Santhanalakshmi, Dr. B. R. Kumar, Dr. K. Sasirekha, Shanthini S and Dr. Satish Manikrao Dhoke

Quality of Strategic Business Management in Future Growth in IT Sector

Mohammed Usman, Dr. Indrajit Goswami, K. N. Jahnavi, Dr. Sreeanandan, Dr. Priyambada Purohit and Charu Goyal

Use of the Internet of Things in Developing Effectiveness of Teaching Skills for Teachers in Higher Education

Dr. Shyam Sundar, Dr. Sumona Bhattacharya, Chhavi Singh, Dr. (CS) Nagabhushanam Tida, Barinderjit Singh and Yashi Srivastava

Analysis of Social Media Networks as a Strategic Tool for Business Management

Dr. T. Milton, Sidhant Kumar, Dr. Manju, Dr. Mukesh Kumar and Dr. Preeti Goyal

Detailed Investigation of the Role of Machine Learning Technology in Stock Market Predictions

Dr. Arun B Prasad, Sathish Kotte, Dr. Kanika Sachdeva, Dr. Lalit Johari, Dr. Syed Hauider Abbas and Ravikumar R. N

Analysis of Blockchain Technology and Its Relation with Enhancement in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Dr. Barinderjit Singh, Dr. K. Bhavana Raj, Aashima Bishnoi, Dr. Shaik Rehana Banu, Siva S and Yashi Srivastava

Developing Digital Marketing Strategies with SEO and Digital Display Ads In Future Business Enhancement

Dr. K. K. Ramachandran, Dr. A. Sai Manideep, Manoj Kumar T, Dr. Rajesh C, Basavaraj S. Mammani, Dr. Indra Meghrajani

Applying Artificial Intelligence Technology for Reshaping Financial Management in Organisations

M. Ramu, Dr. Ch. Hymavathi, Dr. Manoj Sathe, Davinder Kaur Malik, Dr. G. Saravana Kumar and Siva S

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Dynamic Marketing Capabilities Applied In International Markets

A. N. Amrin Fathima, J. Sathish Kumar, Dr. K. K. Ramachandran, Dr. Ruby Khan, S. Shyni Carmel Mary and Siva S

An Empirical Analysis of Relationship of Green Washing Practices on Employee Green Behaviour of Retail Industry in North India

Mallika Chugh, Saloni Pradhan, Nisha and Megha Bakshi


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