Volume 09 Issue 17 July 2016 / Half - Yearly Publication

The Political Environment Of Metropolitan Coordination: A Political Analysis Of The Metropolitan Area Of Guadalajara (Mexico)

Alberto Arellano Ríos [pp.306-319]

Open Government Partnership (OGP): Combating Corruption, Regaining And Building Public Trust In The Government Of Egypt

Dr. Sherifa Fouad Sherif [pp.320-341]

Are Private Sector Tax Practitioners Satisfied With The Services Of South Africa Revenue Service?

Prof. Oludele Akinloye Akinboade, Dr Mandisa Putuma Mokwena, Prof Wynand Grobler [pp.342-368]

Land Concentration And The Optimal Size Of Agricultural Enterprises In The Polissia Zone Of Ukraine

Moskalenko Anatolii [pp.369-388]

The Influence Of Access To Credit On Growth Of Women- Owned Micro And Small Enterprises In Kitui County, Kenya

Florence M. Mbiti, Professor Elegwa Mukulu, Dr. Joseph Mung’atu, Dr. Dorothy Kyalo [pp.389-407]

Impact Evaluation Of The Information Management On The Decision-Making Effectiveness Of Administrators In The Nigerian Universities

Professor Ocheni Stephen [pp.408-430]

Theories Of International Balancing, The Rise Of China, And Political Alignments In The Asia Pacific

Joseph M. Grieco [pp.431-452]

Why Recognize? Explaining Victorian Britain’s Decision To Recognize The Sovereignty Of Imperial Japan

Jacques E. C. Hymans [pp.453-461]

The Merchants Of Shanghai, The Mandarins Of Beijing: Economic Interdependence In Chinese Foreign Policy

Geunwook Lee [pp.462-472]

Rising China And The Evolution Of China-North Korea Relations

Hochul Lee [pp.472-485]

An Alternate Theory For The Acquisition Of Arms To The Collective Goods Theory: A Structural Theory Of Armaments

Heung Soo Sim [pp.485-499]

Network Analysis Of Free Trade Agreements: Homophily And Transitivity

Taedong Lee,Byoung-Inn Bai [pp.500-519]

State-Led Back-Scratching Alliance In Cyber Warfare

Seul Ah Choi And Gon Namkung [pp.520-533]

Liberals, Kymlicka And Asian Immigrants’ Assimilation

Tae Eun Min [pp.534-549]

National Role Conceptions In The ‘Global Korea’ Foreign Policy Strategy

Heike Hermanns [pp.550-568]

Institutional Adoption In The Resolution Of Civil Conflicts

Jai Kwan Jung [pp.569-588]

Untying The “Gordian Knot”? Northeast Asian Security Complex And Desecuritization Of The Northern Limit Line

Dong Jun Lee [pp.589-602]


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