Monthly Publication, Volume 16 Issue 52 November 2023

An Empirical Study of the Impact of Online Shopping on Customer Satisfaction Post Pandemic

Dr. Muktak Vyas and Shyamkant Madhukar Khonde

Participative Decision Making in inducing Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in Cooperatives: Exploring Role of Organizational Commitment and Psychological Ownership

Misha Davis A

The Synergy of Artificial Intelligence and HR: Shaping Digital Transformation in Industry 5.0

Shresth Kumar, Dr. Ankit Garg, Neha Sharma, Rashmi Singh, CS Kashika Bhardwaj, Dr. Ritesh Kumar Singhal, Dr. Sarjue Pandita and Himanshu


The Impact of Financial Sector, Renewable Energy Consumption, Technological Innovation, Economic Growth, Industrialization, Forest Area and Urbanization on Carbon Emission: New Insight from India 

Amir Khan, Aman Ansari, Md Shakeb Khan and Shoaib Ansari

Uncovering Herding Phenomena within the Realty Market: An Empirical Approach

Komal Sharma and Dr. Naveen Kumar

Lessons of Negotiation during Lockdown from Three Entrepreneurs in India

Samish Dalal and Dr. Muktak Vyas

The Assam Accord - The Paradox of Congruence and Contestations 

Sriparna Rajkhowa LL.M

An Analysis of the Significance of Travel Insurance from the Perspective of Tourists

Dr. Maram Venkat Ramana Reddy, Dr. Jakka Suresh Reddy, Dr. Akula Pravalika and Dr. G. Swapna

OTT Streaming Services: Triangulation of Market Trends and Subscriber Experience

Rajarathi Karunakaran and Selvabaskar S

Exploring the Cyber Security System as a Competitive Advantage Tool To Realize Sustainable Development Goals

Corina Joseph, Tina Stephen Enggong, Saifulrizan Norizan and Mariam Rahmat

Walmart's Inventory Management: A Case Study in Supply Chain Excellence

Dr. Shankha Sengupta

A Study on Digital Marketing and It’s Impacts

Dr.Vinayak Khare, Dr.Vishal Geete, Dr. Shubhangi Jain, Astik Dave and Priyanka Jaiswal


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