Monthly Publication, Volume 16 Issue 52 November 2023

Harmonizing Climate Finance Strategies: Paving the Path for Sustainable Synergy between Real and Financial Economies

Dr. K Balaji, Dr. Sathyanarayana Gardasu and Dr. P. Seshagiri Rao

Space Debris Remediation: An Analysis to Ensure the Long-Term Sustainability of the Outer Space Environment

Md Baharul Islam and Dr. Bhupal Bhattacharya

Comparative Analysis of the Effects of the Old and New Tax Regimes on Individuals and Businesses In Relation To Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS)

Dr. L Jalaja

Promoting Principles and Research in the Use of Big Data Analysis for Supply Chain Management

Dr. Ankit Garg, Dr. Pragya Agarwal, Vinay Kumar Agarwal, Nikhil Sharma, Anuj Kumar Agnihotri and Himanshu Sharma

E-Finance: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Current Situation, Emerging Innovations, Resource Utilisation, and Prospects In The Face Of Future Challenges

Dr. Rakesh Verma, Dr. Ajay Kumar Varshney, Anuj Kumar Agnihotri, Dr. Ankit Garg, Vinay Kumar Agarwal, Vipul Kumar and  Anubhav Kumar Singh

Review Article on Impact of Learning and Development Practices on Employees’ Job Performance and Training Effectiveness

Dr. Shiva Sharma, Somya Nagar and Dr. Swapna Shrimali

Behavioural Investment Decision: A Study on Impact of Emotional Biases of Individual Investors on Determinants of Investment Decision with Mediating Effect of Financial Literacy (With Reference To Chennai City)

Dr. K. Rajeswari, Anil. R and Dr. Nagesh B

A Factor Analysis on Effect of Freebies on Indian Economy with Special Reference to Karnataka

Dr. Nagesh B, Dr. Vijaya Kumar R S and Deepthi. J. S

An Octapace Approach to Reconnoiter the Relationship between Culture and Mentoring In Information Technology (It) & Manufacturing


Dr. S. Anjali Daisy and Dr. Albin Robert Lawrence

Digital Decade with ICT- Two-Way Causality and Incidence on Growth and Development in India

Dr. Pallabi Mukherjee, Dr. Kalicharan Modak, Sanju Mahawar and Dr. Sp Tripathi

Study of Irrigation Systems in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India

Dr. Ganesh K. Chavhan and Kiran B. Sonawane

Emotional Intelligence Leadership and Organizational Sustainability

Babitha Lucin Rani B, P. B. Shankar Narayan, Dr. S. Prabakar, Dr. S. Prabakar, Dr. Shaikh Zeenath Hasan Ali and Dr. Sonika Sharma

Assessing the Socio- Economic Determinants of Women Empowerment

Dr. C B Ragothaman, P. B. Shankar Narayan, Dr. P. Veeramani, Dr. M A Nayeem, Sanghamitra Behera and Dr. Ruby S

Co-Creation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Entrepreneurs Emotional Intelligence to Mitigate Organizational Issues (New Normal)

Marirajan Murugan and Dr. M. N. Prabadevi

Role of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Social and Economic Development of India

Dr. Tejal Mahajan, Uzma Momin, Shama Khan and Huma Khan

Impacts of Political Instability on Performance of Financial Institutions: A Study of Ethiopian Banking Sector

Dr. Bhupendra Kumar, Alemu Ademe, Dr. Ashish Srivastava and Dr. Deepankar Singh


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