Monthly Publication / Volume 15 Issue 33 Apr 2022

A Study on Entrepreneurial Intentions of University Students in Southern Kerala

Pravitha N. R, Gopika S. Nath, S. Sandhiya and Veena Vijayakumar

Human Resource Management Pratices in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Visakhapatnam

V. Gowri Lakshmi and Dr. G. V. K. Kasturi

Strategies For Asset Management Companies' Marketing and Promotion (In Visakhapatnam, A Comparison of Public and Private Sector Amcs)

V. Gowri Lakshmi and L. Renuka

Gauging The Impact of Empowerment on The Performance of Employees in Relation with The Performance Appraisal: A Mediation Effect Analysis

Phalguna Reddy K, Dr. Ramakumar Ambatipudi and Dr. N. Subrahmanyam

Classes In India During Covid-19 Pandemic: Online Vs. Conventional Mode of Teaching

M. Srividya Iyengar and Dr. R. Venkatesh

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): Benefits, Geo-Political Implications, And Impacts of Covid-19 On Its Progress.

Farhat Saba and Tahir Jamil

Application Of AI and ML on Indian Banking Credit Rating System

Dr. Mainak Chakraborty, Sourav Kumar Das, Dr. Nilanjan Ray and Dr. Arindam Ghosh

Doing Well by Making Well: The Impact of Tackling Randomly Occurring Absenteeism in Corporate to Improve Productivity.

Dr. M. Murali Krishnan, Dr. T. Satheeshkumar, Dr. S. Brinda, Dr. A. Jayanthi and Dr. G. Manokaran

The Factors Leading to Credit Default Across Small Scale Enterprises

Siva Krishna Golla, Vengalarao Pachava and Durgaprasad Navulla

Emotional Intelligence as A Supporting Role on Job Performance: A Study Among Faculty Members in Higher Education Institutes

P. Latha and Dr. Nisha R

Impact of Firm Size, Firm Age, Firm Financial Leverage & Roa on Earning Management: An Empirical Evidence from Indian Listed Firms

Dr. T. Sita Ramaiah

An Analysis of Carbon Credit Accounting Practices in Selected Industries of Hyderabad Region

Sajja. Deepthi

Realignment of Capital Structure Using Pecking Order Theory in Indian Pharma Industry

Dr. K.T. Gopi and Momintaj

Inclusivity in Online Education during Covid Pandemic: A Study With Reference to the Private Universities in Northeastern Region of India

Dr. Sonal Sharma

Marketing of Culinary Heritage as Destination Product: Evidence from Ananta Basudev Temple, Odisha, India

Dr. Susanta Ranjan Chaini, Dr. Dillip Kumar Das and Dr. Nilanjan Ray

The Influence of Fear on the Buying Behavior of Consumers In Case Of the Covid-19 Outbreak

Dr. Yuvika Gupta, Dr. Bhupender Singh, Dr. P.B Singh and Dr. Sonal Agarwal

Perceptual Difference towards Predictors of Entrepreneurial Intention among the Students; an Empirical Study

Dr. Sarita Satpathy, Dr. Susanta Kumar Satpathy, K.K. Prannya, R. Sai Baji and P. Jayadeep

A Comparative Analysis of the Online Strength of Digital Marketing Agencies in India: A Study on KPIs

Shaurya Srivastava and Dr. S. N. Jha

Motivational And Cognitive Aspects of Women Entrepreneurial Success in Bangalore

Nagaveena M and Dr. U. Bhojanna


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