Volume 14 Issue 27 Jan 2021 / Tri-Annual Publication

Impact Of Synthetic Task Set Generation Methods On Schedulability Performance

Saehwa Kim [pp.4-28]

Minimum-Width Parallelogram Annulus With Given Angles

Sang Won Bae [pp.29-42]

A Practical Approach To Indoor Path Loss Modeling Based On Deep Learning

Shengjie Ma, Hong Cheng, And Hyukjoon Lee [pp.43-61]

Plantain Designs On Goryeo Celadon, How They Developed, And What They Meant

LEE Jun-Kwang [pp.62-85]

The Emergence And Iconography Of Seosu (Auspicious Beasts) In The Twelfth-Century Goryeo Celadon

Kim Yunjueong [pp.86-112]

The Origin And Symbolic Meanings: Of The Designs On The 12th Century Goryeo Celadon Roof Tiles

Cho Eun Jung [pp.113-136]

Utilization Of Earthenware Pottery For Food Storage In The Goryeo Period

HAN Hyesun [pp.137-161]

The Tang-Song Poetry Debate In Joseon

Christina HAN [pp.162-191]

Political Reconciliation Through The Performing Arts: Selected Activities Of Koreans In Early Twentieth-Century Hawai‘I

Heeyoung CHOI [pp.192-209]

The Haunted Maiden Deities On Jeju Island

Hea-Kyoung Koh [pp.210-237]

A Chinese Scholar’s View On The Costume Of Goguryeo: Achievements And Limitations

Jung Wanjin [pp.238-264]

Chinese Academic Research On The History Of Sino-Korean Relations: The Work Of Chen Shangsheng

Jung Donghun [pp.265-278]

The Hopes And Imaginations Of The People Of Joseon: A Review Of Ge Zhaoguang’s Imagining A Foreign Place

Kim Ho [pp.279-301]

A Review Of Marginal Man’s Notebook Of The History Of Contemporary Korea By Jin Guangxi

Hwang Byoungjoo [pp.302-324]

[Materials On Korean Studies] “The Biography Of Attendant Jeong” By Sigyeongam

Ann LEE [pp.325-349]

Joseon Neo-Confucianism, Viewed From Different Angles

Lee Kang Hahn [pp.350-378]

The Learning Of Principle And The Governing By Culture In Joseon

Lee Bongkyoo [pp.379-394]

The Relationship Between Neo-Confucianism And Korean Literature

Ahn Daehoe [pp.395-411]

The Confucian Concept Of Li 禮: The Transition From “Worship Rituals” To “Governance Norms

Han Jae Hoon [pp.412-427]

Toward Optimal FPGA Implementation Of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks For Handwritten Hangul Character Recognition

Park, Hanwool;Yoo, Yechan;Park, Yoonjin;Lee, Changdae;Lee, Hakkyung;Kim, Injung;Yi, Kang [pp.428-442]

Why Dynamic Security For The Internet Of Things?

Hashemi, Seyyed Yasser;Aliee, Fereidoon Shams [pp.443-465]

Human Activities Recognition Based On Skeleton Information Via Sparse Representation

Liu, Suolan;Kong, Lizhi;Wang, Hongyuan [pp.466-488]


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