Volume 13 Issue 25 July 2020 / Tri-Annual Publication

A Tribute To Democracy And Peace By Contemporary Korean History Researchers Of The Age Of Division

Han Bongseok [pp. 528-541]

[Book Reviews] The Ancient State Of Puyŏ In Northeast Asia: Archaeology And Historical Memory

Edward J. SHULTZ [pp.542-568]

Everyday Life In Joseon-Era Korea: Economy And Society

Kirk W. LARSEN [pp.569-582]

National Division, Rural Lives, And Anti-War Sentiment In Cha Beom-Seok’s Forest Fire

Owen STAMPTON [pp.583-601]

Approaching Modernity In Translation And Adaptation Through Ssangongnu

Choe Key-Sook [pp.602-619]

Translational Discursive Spaces In Immediate Post-Liberation Korea: Hearsay, Reportage, And Roundtables

SHIN Ji-Young [pp.620-633]

Excavating The Heart Of The Goryeo Dynasty:Pyeongchang Special Exhibition, “1,100th Anniversary Of Founding The Goryeo Dynasty, The Inter-Korean Joint Excavation Of The Manwoldae Palace In Kaesong”

Hong Young Eui [pp.624-637]

Paean To Marital Fidelity In Poverty:The Wang Sibung Giu Gi, Korean Romance Of The Thorn Hairpin

Sookja CHO [pp.638-651]

Annotated Translation Of “A Memorial Of My Aunt, Madam Yun Of Papyeong”

Kyrie VERMETTE [pp.652-668]

Reclamation Projects And Development Of Agricultural Land In Colonial Korea

Lim Chaisung [pp.669-683]

The Christian Landscape At Jongno In Early Twentieth Century:Focusing On The Christian Literature Society Of Korea

Lee Goeun [pp.684-699]

Global Imagination And Agency Formation Of Filipino Marriage Migrant Women In South Korea

Mahgie Bual Lacaba [pp.700-719]

Nordic Representations Of North Korea:A Study Of Newspaper Sources

Erik Mobrand & Kristoffer Tingbacke [pp.720-744]

Topological Thinking For A Paradigm Shift In Korean Studies

Ki Sup Kim [pp.745-760]

[Special Review] Ten Years In The Making: The Korea History Society's History Series

Lee Kang Hahn [pp.761-780]

Binding Perceptions:Images Of Korea In Japanese Colonial Documentary Photography

Helen J. S. LEE [pp.781-795]

Wrestling With Japan:The Colonial Legacy And The Construction Of National Identity In Pak Kyongni’s Toji (Land)

Susanna LIM [pp.796-809]

Subtle Changes In The Joseon’s Everyday Life Based On The Westerners’ Discourses (1800-1880)

Duan BAIHUI [pp.810-827]


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