Volume 10 Issue 19 July 2017 / Half - Yearly Publication

Veterans' Extra Point System And Gender Politics; From The Perspective Of Capabilities Approach

Cho Joo-Hyun [pp.228-238]

Politics Of Remembering And Forgetting

Dong Sun-Hee(동선희) [pp.239-255]

The Book Of Corrections; Reflections Of The National Crisis During The Japanse Invasion Of Korea By Yu Seong-Ryong

Han Myung-Gi(한명기) [pp.256-271]

Changes In The Twentieth Century Korean Folksong; Centering On Gaeseong Nanbongga

Kim Young-Woon(김영운) [pp.272-293]

Redressing The Past Injustices: The Complex And Contested Dynamics Of The Movement

Han Hong-Gu [pp.294-309]

Sociology Of Kwagoch'ongsan In South Korea

Cho Hee-Yeon [pp.310-322]

The Failure Of Ch'inilch'ongsan And Obstruction Of Nation's Future

Kang Jeong-Gu [pp.323-347]

War And Women's Lives: On The Experience Of Bereaved Women Of Left-Related Victims Of The Korean War

Lee Ryong-Kyong [pp.348-369]

The Evolution Of The Uimunsa Truth Finding Movement And Its Tasks

Kim, Yu-Jin [pp.370-388]

Re-Visioning Gender And Womanhood In Colonial Korea: Yi Kwang-Su's Mujong (The Heartless)

Yung-Hee Kim [pp.389-402]

An Introductory Study Of The “Annals Of Kogury;” In The Samguk Sagi

Kenneth H. J. Gardiner [pp.403-422]

Goguryeo Buddhism: An Imported Religion In A Multi-Ethnic Warrior Kingdom

John Jorgensen [pp.423-444]

From Liaodongese Refugee To Ming Loyalist: The Historiography Of The Sanggok Ma, A Ming Migrant Descent Group In Late Joseon Korea

Adam Bohnet [pp.445-461]

Doing Korean History Research Outside Of Korea: An Advantage Of Looking From Outside?

Vladimir Tikhonov (Pak Noja) [pp.462-479]

Material And Trends In The Study Of Ancient Korean Wooden Slips

Jeon Deog-Jae [pp.480-499]

The Wartime Economy In Imperial Japan And The Mobilization Of Munitions In Its Colony: With A Special Focus On The Implementation In Joseon Of The Munitions Company Law During The Final Period Of The War

Joung An-Ki [pp.500-512]

Changes In The Business Environment Under The Wartime Control Economy And The Response Of The Gyeongseong (Keij? Electric Co.

Oh Jinseok [pp.513-522]

Changes In The Manufacturing Industry Of Korea (1940-1949)

Huh Soo-Youl [pp.523-539]


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