Volume 09 Issue 16 Jan 2016 / Half - Yearly Publication

Military Examination Graduates In Early Choson; Their Social Status In The Fifteenth Century

Park, Eugene Y. [pp.5-28]

Reshaping History; The Creation Of The Myth Of The Three Surnames, The Foundation Myth Of The T'amna Kingdom Pettid

Michael J. [pp.29-38]

Religion And The City; Seoul In The Nineteenth Century

Walraven, Boudewijn [pp.39-54]

Nanøun Chosøonnodongdangwonio (I Am A Member Of The Chosøon Communist Party). By Kim Sook-Hyøong

O Yu-Sok [pp.55-78]

The Kwangju Uprising; Eyewitness Press Accounts Of Korea's Tiananmen. Edited By Henry Scott-Stokes And Lee Jai Eui

Frank Baldwin [pp.79-97]

Korean American Experience; Ethnic Mobilization As S Mode Of Incorporation

Yoon In-Jin [pp.98-117]

Diaspora And Beyond; There Is No Home For Koreans In Japan

Sonia Ryang [pp.118-137]

The Korean Minority In China; The Policy Of The Chinese Communist Party And The Question Of Korean Identity

Lee Jean-Young [pp.138-156]

Blagoslovennoe; Korean Village On The Amur, 1871-1937

Ross King [pp.157-181]

Australian Multiculturalism And The Korean Community In Sydney And Melbourne

Seol Byung-Soo [pp.182-201]

In Search Of The Yongbu; The Lost Talisman Of Korea's Tonghak Religion

Roderick S. Bucknell And Pal Beirne [pp.202-222]

I Am A Worker (Ilggun); Farming Women's Identity And Their Work From Women's Life Histories In An Agricultural Area

Yoon Taek-Lim [pp.223-247]

The Study Of Status Group In The Choson Period

Chi Sung-Jong [pp.248-261]

The Policy Coordination Of Taichung City Government: The Case Of Promotion Office Of Low Carbon City

Chang, Yan-Yi; Eric Rong-Yang Huang [pp.262-283]

Mapping The Structural Patterns Of Intergovernmental Emergency Networks: An Exploratory Study

Yujin Choi [pp.284-302]


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