Volume 07 Issue 13 July 2014 / Half - Yearly Publication

Younger-Generation Korean Experiences In The United States: Personal Narratives On Ethnic And Racial Identities & Korean Americans Who Have Empowered The Korean-American Community

Sookhee OH [pp.160-179]

Trends And Prospects: Historical Studies On Koryŏ-Mongol Relationship In The 13-14th Centuries

LEE Ik-Joo [pp.180-191]

Foreign Merchants' Visits To The Korean Peninsula, And Koryo People's Responses, In The 13-14th Centuries

Lee Kang Hahn [pp.192-213]

Changes In The Logic And System Behind The Succession Of The Koryo Throne Under Mongol Subjugation Myungmi

LEE [pp.214-229]

From A Lord To A Bureaucrat: The Change Of Koryo King's Status

Jung Donghun [pp.230-241]

Gender Stereotypes And Election Coverage In South Korea: An Exploratory Analysis In Presidential And Seoul Mayoral Elections Tiffany

D. BARNES, JANG Jinhyeok, And PARK Jaehoo [pp.242-263]

A Brief Documentary Survey Of Japanese Pirate Activities In Korea In The 13 Th—15 Th Centuries (Pp. 23-39)

M.S. Seoh [pp.264-278]

The Buddhist Tradition In Late Chosŋn : A Reappraisal

Lewis Lancaster [pp.279-291]

True Grit : Gender In Korean Shamanic Narratives

Boudewijn Walraven [pp.292-311]

Yangban As An Upwardly Open Elite Status Group : Historical-Structural Tracking In Comparative Perspective

Hein Cho [pp.312-338]

Ike Taiga's Letter To Kim Yusŋng And His Approach To Korean Landscape Painting

Burglind Jungmann [pp.339-351]

History And The Issue Of Korean Reunification

Drea Campana [pp.352-378]

Economic Globalization And Social Stabilization : A Dual Challenge For Korea

Werner Pascha [pp.379-391]

The Modern Prince: A Note On The Developmental Dictatorship

Sangki Kim [pp.392-417]

The Failure Of The Political Movements Of Korean Working Class

Hyorae Cho [pp.418-437]

Anticipating China: Thinking Through The Narratives Of Chinese And Western Culture. By David L. Hall And Roger T. Ames

Seungkoo Jang [pp.438-462]


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