Monthly Publication / Volume 16 Issue 50 September 2023

Enhancing Employee Commitment In Higher Education: The Interplay Of Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation Among Faculty Members

Dr. Asha S, C G Accamma, Dr. Kiran L Maney, Baisakhi Debnath and Dr. Richa Tiwari

Portraying The Psychological Benefits Of Computer Education In Early Formative Years

Latika Kharb and Deepak Chahal

Mechanic Spotter: Transformative Android App For Smart Vehicle Repair

Latika Kharb

Agile Project Management Awareness Status Of Final Year Students Of Engineering Graduation Programme At Mumbai University

Saurabh Vilas Kane, Dr. Prasad Pathak and Dr. Vijay Bilolikar

Talent Acquisition And Retention In It: A Catalyst For Organizational Success

Dr, Bharti Malukani and Tejal Paranjape

Exploring The Relationship Between Digital Financial Services, Financial Inclusion, And Development: A Systematic Review Of Academic Literature

Sushma V and Dr. Vinay Joshi C

Impact of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Activities on Firms’ Performance and Risk

Dr Smita Dayal and Dr C.P.Gupta

Exploring The Neurological Basis Of Positive And Negative Emotions And Their Impact On Workplace Productivity

Dr. Vidhi Agrawal, Dr. Renu Gupta and Dr. Tr Pandey

Impact Of ESG On Employees’ Intrinsic Motivation across Generations

C. Christopher Lee and Soomin Park

Retail Store Image As A Predictor Of Consumer Behavior - A Review Based Theoretical Model

Dr. Meenu Mathur, Madhulika Chaudhuri and Dr. Shweta Sharma

Implementation Of Green Supply Chain Management Practices

Dr. Abhijit Chandratreya

An Emperical Study On The Role Of Technology In Boosting Sales And Retaining Clients

Vaishali Parashar and Sunita Daniel

Effects Of Ethnocentrism And Attitude On Local Purchase Intention In Developing Countries

Imen Hilali

Online Sentiment Analysis With Employee Reviews On Upcoming Hr Practices Of A Selected Firm

Dr. Abhijit Pandit and Jayjit Chakraborty

A Study On Factors Effecting Employee Engagement In The Banking Sector Of Agartala

Prahalad Deb, Arijit Choudhury, Dr. Soumitra Sankar Das, Tamladipta Sen and Dr. Abhijit Pandit

Issues In Human Resources Development In Dak Lak Province In The Context Of Industrial Revolution 4.0

Nguyen Minh Tri

A Study On Contribution Of Stakeholders Of Madhya Pradesh Towards Tourism Industry Of India

Dr. Shubhangi Jain, Dr. Vishal Geete and Dr. Vinayak Khare

Climate Change, The Role Of Financial Systems And Action In India

Sandeep Bhattacharya, Anindya Das and Dr. Souvik Banerjee 

A Study of Economic Value-Added Disclosures in The Annual Reports: Is Eva a Superior Measure of Corporate Performance

Amit Kumar and Dr. Vijay Agrawal

Role of Strategic Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance & Growth

Ahamed Zubair A, Prateek Tulsyan, Dr. Smitha. V, Farha Rashid, Sunil Kumar Das and Rohit Kumar Rana


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