Monthly Publication / Volume 15 Issue 41 December 2022

Impact of Social Media Advertising among Young Adult Consumers

Dr. Ajitha Savarimuthu, Dr. Geevarathna and Dr. A. Deivasree Anbu

Managerial Biases in Staffing Projects: Evidence from R&D Services Industry in India

Dr. Jaykumar Padmanabhan, Dr. Vinoth Kumar V, Dr. Yogananthan S and Thilak Reddy

The Influences of Climate Changes on Agriculture and Livestock in Different Areas in the Bodoland Territorial Region

Bijay Chandra Boro and Dr. Kokila Saxena

Obstacles to the Development of Family Smes in Chad


GIG Economy: A Story of Unveiling Factors an Exploratory Study

Dr. Divya Jain, Neha Shrivastav and Dr. Stuti Sahni

Mitigation of Stress at Personal Level: An Empirical Study in Banking Sector of Punjab

Dr. Meenakshi Mittal

Women’s Fight against All Odds in Pandemic and Post Pandemic Times - A Commentary

Dr. Anita Banerjee, Dr. Smeeta Kabadi and B. Laxmikanta

An Emperical Study on the Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Awareness among College Students.

Dr. Rajdeep K Manwani, Dr. Guruprasad B G, Vainik V S and Dr. V Lava Kumar

A Study on the Development of the Wellness Framework for Employees’ Well-Being at Rane

Dr. Benita. S. Monica and Shruti Vyas R

Policy Recommendations for Vietnam on Control of Potential Transactions in Joint-Stock Company

Dr. Vo Trung Hau and Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Thoa

Exploring The Role of Social Media Marketing in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses During COVID-19 Outbreak

Manisha Sharma, Dr. Varun Sharma, Dr. Neelu, Dr. Bindu Singh and Dr. Meenakshi Sharma

A Study on Service Quality Dimensions and Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in E-Banking Functionality

Dr. Swapna Datta Khan, Dr. Sachin Wankhede, Dr. Chadalavada Lakshmi Nath, Dr. Bhadrappa Haralayya, Bhola Khan and Dr. P. Vamsi Krishna

Technical Impact of E-Banking on Operational Performance Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Private and Public Bank

M. Harish Behin, Dr. C. L. Jeba Melvin, Dr. Bhadrappa Haralayya, Bhola Khan, Rohit Mishra and Dr. Parvez alam khan

A Study on Service Quality Dimensions and Service Gap in Information Technology With Respect To Customer Loyalty in Banking

Dr. M. Bhuvaneswari, Dr. Karuna Joshi Gole, Vipanchi.V, Dr. Yamuna. D, Dr. Malmarugan Devanathan and Dr. Chadalavada Lakshmi Nath

A Study on the Customer Satisfaction and Preference towards Electronic Payments and ClearingSystem

Mankeshva Saini, Dr. Shivangee Tiwari, Dr. Neeru Rani, Ankur Lohiya, Dr. Mona Sinha and Dr. Abhishek Sharma

An Empirical Study on Problems of Investors in Investment Avenues

Dr. M.A. Suresh Kumar, Dr. Arundhati Roy, Dr Varsha Agarwal, Dr. Sumant Wachasundar, P. Chitra and Gauri Singh Bhadauria

Electronic Shopping a Paradigm Shift in Buying Behaviour among Indian Consumers

Dr. Praveen, Bhola Khan, Dr. Varsha Agarwal, Jaspal Singh Bhatia, Dr. S. Ramachandran and Dr. Mohammad Salameh Zaid Almahairah

Assertiveness and Satisfaction Level of Purchasing Behaviour of Working Women with Special Reference to Select Service Sector

Raman R. Tirpude, Bhola Khan, Dr .Manju priya R, Vinutha N V, Dr. Sudha B S and Dr. Anjali Kalse

Re-imagining Enforced Identity of Motherhood: Woman and Motherhood in Perumal Murugan’s One Part Woman and film “Sara’s” by Jude Antony

Alna Mariya Isac, Minu A and Sowmya Mary Thomas


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