Volume 14 Issue 29 Sept 2021 / Tri-Annual Publication

Presentation Format And Financial Literacy: Accessibility And Assessability Of Retirement Savings Statements

F. Douglas Foster, Juliana Ng And Marvin Wee [pp.902-911]

The Effects Of Nutrition Label Comparison Baselines On Consumers' Food Choices 


Financial Literacy Skills For The 21st Century: Evidence From PISA 

Annamaria Lusardi [pp.929-940]

Financial Decisions And Financial Capabilities In The Andean Region

María José Roa, Ignacio Garrón, Jonathan Barboza [pp.941-958]

Understanding The Racial/Ethnic Gap In Bank Account Ownership Among Older Adults

Luisa R. Blanco, Marco Angrisani, Emma Aguila, Mei Leng [pp.959-975]

The Effects Of Airline Mergers On Consumers' Perceptions Of Services And Behavioral Responses

Peter Andersen, Fei L. Weisstein [pp.976-991]

Identifying Non-Adopter Consumer Segments: An Empirical Study On Earthquake Insurance Adoption In Turkey

Feray Adigüzel, Mirella Kleijnen, B. Burçak Başbuğ Erkan, Ceylan Talu Yozgatligil [pp.992-1009]

The Consumer Costs Of Food Certification: A Pilot Study And Research Opportunities

David P. Carter, Adrienne Cachelin [pp.1010-1033]

“Four Bright Coins Shining At Me”: Financial Education In Childhood, Financial Confidence In Adulthood

Dario Sansone, Mariacristina Rossi, Elsa Fornero [pp.1034-1051]

Consumer Bankruptcy Stigma: Understanding Relationships With Familiarity And Perceived Control

Alycia Chin, Taya R. Cohen, Mark R. Lindblad [pp.1051-1066]

Racial Differences In The Returns To Financial Literacy Education

Abdullah Al-Bahrani, Jamie Weathers, Darshak Patel [pp.1067-1085]

Vaping Viewpoints: A Multi-Segment Understanding Of E-Cigarette Risk Perceptions

Justine Rapp Farrell, Anne M. Hamby [pp.1086-1104]

Are Ex-Ante Hypothetical Bias Calibration Methods Context Dependent? Evidence From Online Food Shoppers In China

Wen Lin, David L. Ortega, Vincenzina Caputo [pp.1105-1119]

Personality And Saving Behavior Among Older Adults

Sarah D. Asebedo, Melissa J. Wilmarth, Martin C. Seay, Kristy Archuleta, Gary L. Brase, Maurice Macdonald [pp.1120-1135]

Financial Literacy And Self-Employment

Aida Ćumurović, Walter Hyll [pp.1136-1152]

Mindfulness, Money Attitudes, And Credit

Maria C. Pereira, Filipe Coelho [pp.1153-1168]

Marketing Benchmarks: Do You Trust Your Friendly Marketer?

Carl Obermiller [pp.1169-1188]

Encouraging Tax-Time Savings With A Low-Touch, Large-Scale Intervention: Evidence From The Refund To Savings Experiment

Stephen P. Roll, Blair D. Russell, Dana C. Perantie, Michal Grinstein-Weiss [pp.1189-1201]

Assessing The Validity Of Consumer Ratings For Higher Education: Evidence From A New Survey

Jonathan Rothwell [pp.1202-1223]

Consuming To Be Good: Therapeutic Ideology And Transracial Adoptive Mothers

Robin L. Soster, Kelly L. Tian, Alexander S. Rose, Randall L. Rose [pp.1224-1241]

The Effects Of Financial Education On Short-Term And Long-Term Financial Behaviors

Jamie Wagner, William B. Walstad [pp.1242-1259]

Incidence And Magnitude Of Quantity Surcharges And Quantity Discounts In Online Shopping

Hooman Estelami [pp.1260-1277]

Caring Or Compulsion? The Effects Of Consumer Attributions Of Risk Information Disclosure In Direct-To-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising

Jennifer Gerard Ball [pp.1278-1290]

Consumer's Side Of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Nonhypothetical Study

Marco Lerro, Francesco Caracciolo, Riccardo Vecchio, Luigi Cembalo [pp.1291-1308]

The Effects Of Tipping On Consumers' Satisfaction With Restaurants

Michael Lynn [pp.1309-1323]

Poverty Research And Measurement: Making The Case For Consumption Adequacy

Justine Rapp Farrell, Ronald Paul Hill [pp.1324-1347]


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