Volume 14 Issue 28 July 2021 / Tri-Annual Publication

Linear-Quadratic Programming And Its Application To Data Correction Of Improper Linear Programming Problems

Victor Gorelik, Tatiana Zolotova [pp.492-515]

Modifications Of The Charged Balls Method

Majid Abbasov, Faramoz Aliev [pp.516-532]

On One Approach To The Approximation Of Solutions To The Direct Kinematics Problem Of Parallel Manipulators

Andrei Gorchakov, Vyacheslav Mozolenko [pp.533-548]

Preconditioned Subspace Descent Method For Nonlinear Systems Of Equations

Igor Kaporin [pp.549-567]

Exploring The Meaning Double Nostalgia In The Life Histories Of Sakhalin Koreans

Youngsoon KIM, Seungeun CHOI, And Bongsu PARK [pp.568-581]

Sentence Patterns In German And Korean: Syntactic And Semantic Aspects Of The Basic Weather Expressions

Shinhyoung KANG And Manfred KIENPOINTNER [pp.582-601]

Korean Cultural Heritage In North Korea—Past, Present, And Future Of South And North Koreas’ Collaborative Exchanges

Lee Kang Hahn [pp.602-614]

Achievements And Future Prospects Of The Kaesong Manwoldae Excavation, Main Palace Of Goryeo

Cho Eunkyung [pp.614-625]

Policies For Protection And Management Of Cultural Properties In Kaesong City, Trends And Changes

Lee Sang Jun [pp.626-639]

Achievements In Studies Of North Korean Cultural Heritage And Future Prospects

Kyung-Hee JANG [pp.640-654]

Looking Back Upon Inter-Korean Exchange And Cooperation Projects On Cultural Heritage, And Future Prospects

JEON Young-Sun [pp.655-669]

Progress And Achievements Of Inter-Korean Exchanges In Historical Studies

AHN Byung-Woo [pp.670-686]

Exploring Early Korean Perspectives On Dialectology: Translation And Commentary Of Lee Guk-Lo's "The Dialects Of Korean"

Simon BARNES-SADLER [pp.687-693]

Effect Of A Revenue-Sharing Contract On Quality Enhancement In A Supply Chain

Yoo, Seung Ho [pp.694-706]

Counting Process Of MAP(3)S And Moment Fittings

Kim, Sunkyo [pp.707-720]

Long-Term Projection Of Demand For Reverse Mortgage Using The Bass Diffusion Model In Korea

Yang, Jin-Ah;Min, Daiki;Choi, Hyung-Suk [pp.721-738]

A Level Evaluation Model For Data Governance

Jang, Kyoung-Ae;Kim, Woo-Je [pp.739-751]

A Novel Framework To Improve The Performance Of Crowdfunding Platforms

Jaya Gera, Harmeet Kaur [pp.752-766]

Prediction Model For The Persistence Of Sharia Mutual Fund Performance In Indonesian Capital Market

Zaenal Arifin, Sri Mulyati [pp.767-781]

Influencing Factors Of Facial Spa Treatment On Visit Intention: An Importance-Performance Matrix Analysis (IPMA) Approach

Sook-Fern Yeo, Cheng-Ling Tan, Kah-Boon Lim, Elaine Lam [pp.782-799]

Tax Reform: Is It Welfare-Enhancing Or Welfare-Reducing?

Roshaiza Taha, Norsiah Ahmad, Wan Anisah Endut, Saeed Rabea Ali Baatwah [pp.800-808]

Analysis Of Motivational Factors Of Msmes Entrepreneurs To Be Halalpreneurs

Mumtaz Anwari , Sri Rahayu Hijrah Hati [pp.809-822]

Factors Influencing The Intensity Of Using Digital Social Networks Among Indonesian Millennial Tourists

Annisa Husnul Latifah , Hapsari Setyowardhani [pp.823-837]

Factors Influencing E-Commerce Adoption: Evaluation Using Structural Equation Modelling (Sem)

Kit-Yeng Sin, Mun-Chong Sin [pp.838-852]

Idiosyncratic Risk And Firm Characteristics On Islamic Stocks Of Four Asean Countries 2005–2017

Putri Utami , Muhammad Budi Prasetyo [pp.853-866]

Challenges Of Women Leaders In Female And Male Dominated Occupations

Agota Giedrė Raišienė, Jolita Gečienė , Renata Korsakienė [pp.867-883]

Tax-Time Savings Among Low-Income Households In The $Avenyc Program

Clinton Key, Jenna N. Tucker, Michal Grinstein-Weiss And Krista Comer [pp.884-898]


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