Volume 13 Issue 26 Sept 2020 / Tri-Annual Publication

[Special Review] Celebrating The Legacy Of Goryeo After 1,100 Years Since Its Foundation

Lee Kang Hahn [pp. 831-844]

A Review Of Recent Developments And The Future Of Goryeo History Research: A Look Back Into The History Of The Goryeo Dynasty From The Perspective Of The 21st Century By The Korean Medieval History Society

Chai Oong-Seok [pp.845-859]

Recent Advances In The Study Of The Gaoli Tujing (Illustrated Account Of Goryeo)

Sem VERMEERSCH [pp.860-875]

Reconsidering Goryeo Art And Its Significance In Academia And Beyond

Kim Yun Jeong [pp.876-893]

Unearthing The Past From The Ground:Buddhist Temples During The Goryeo Dynasty Seen In A New Light

Seunghye LEE [pp.894-902]

Remembering Goryeo, A Dynasty That Was Open To The Sea

Lee Kang Hahn [pp.903-914]

An Annotated Translation To Yi Gok’s Jukbuinjeon (Biography Of Lady Bamboo)

Petra SVAKOVA [pp.915-929]

The Fundamental Studies Concerning Classical Chinese Literature And The Associated Compilation Of Texts With Collected Commentaries During The Reign Of Sejong

Sim Kyungho [pp.930-944]

15th Century Korean Grammar From A Viewpoint Of Linguistic Typology And Historical Grammar Park

Jinho [pp.945-959]

The Music Trend In The 15th Century Korea Shown In The Written Materials Of Seong Hyeon

SONG Hye-Jin [pp.960-978]

Health Policies Under Sejong: The King Who Searched For The Way Of Medicine

Kim Seongsu [pp.979-991]

Architectural Design Of Wooden Building During The 15th Century:Legacy And Beginning

Lee Woo-Jong [pp.992-1012]

Ritual And Identity Construction In Joseon Korea

Joon HUR [pp.1013-1033]

Archiving And Contextualization: Exhibitions And Researches On Korean Painting Since 2000

Lee Soomi [pp.1034-1051]

Exhibition And Research On Korean Buddhist Painting

Jeong Myounghee [pp.1052-1069]

The Age Of Transition And Leap: Trends In Korean Craft Study (2000-2020)

Shin Suk [pp.1070-1093]

History And Literature Of Joseon: Foreign Perspectives

Lee Kang Hahn [pp.1094-1110]

Narrating Dissent In Joseon Literati Discourse

Marion EGGERT [pp.1111-1131]


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