Volume 12 Issue 22 Jan 2019 / Half - Yearly Publication

Gender And Mission Encounters In Korea : New Women, Old Ways By Hyaeweol Choi

Jennifer Jung-Kim [pp.4-23]

Globalization And Korean History Education In English In Korea

Lee Injae And Lee Hyunsook [pp.24-39]

A Case Study On Teaching Korean History In English In Korea

Lee Hyunsook [pp.40-51]

Insight Into Korean History And Education

Noriko Sato [pp.52-65]

Effective Use Of Information On The Web For Korean History Courses Taught In English

Shin Myung-Ho [pp.66-77]

Korean History Education In The United States

Kim Jeom Sook [pp.78-95]

New Directions For Research And The Tradition Of Yeonhaengrok

Jo Yoong-Hee [pp.96-110]

The Cultural Politics Of Place Names In Korea: Contestation Of Place Names’ Territories And Construction Of Territorial Identity

Kim Sun-Bae [pp.111-127]

Gwangju Video And The Tradition Of South Korean Independent Documentaries

Park Nohchool [pp.128-146]

Building Ships, Building A Nation: Korea’s Democratic Unionism Under Park Chung Hee By Hwasook Nam

Kim Jun [pp.147-163]

The Red Room: Stories Of Trauma In Contemporary Korea Translated By Bruce And Ju-Chan Fulton

Seung-Hee Jeon [pp.164-188]

Women, Television And Everyday Life In Korea: Journeys Of Hope By Youna Kim

Ryu Jecheol [pp.189-207]

A Comparison Of Korean And Japanese Scholars’ Attitudes Toward Newtonian Science

Jun Yong Hoon [pp.208-226]

Flourishing Yin And The Decline Of The Universe: Qishu Theory And Cosmological Interpretation On The Rise Of ‘Barbarian Power’ In The Late Joseon Period

Park Kwon Soo [pp.227-240]

Unchanging Beliefs Of Neo-Confucian Natural Science Of The Joseon Dynasty In The Early Nineteenth Century: Neo-Confucian Natural Science In Changnangdapmun Of Ryu Hwi-Mun

Koo Mhan-Ock [pp.241-259]

Landscape And Historicity Of Korean Science Of The Early To Middle Nineteenth Century

Moon Joong-Yang [pp.260-269]

The Recognition Of Geomancy By Intellectuals During The Joseon Period

Oh Sang-Hak [pp. 270-288]


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