Volume 11 Issue 21 July 2018 / Half - Yearly Publication

Joseon In Color : “Colored Clothes Campaign” And The “White Clothes Discourse

Kim Seok-Hee [pp.185-197]

Joseon Kings’ Personal Belief In Buddhism And Its Political Significance

Pu Nam Chul [pp.198-210]

Education And Family In Korean Society

Yang Young-Kyun [pp.212-228]

Education For Young North Korean Migrants:South Koreans’ Ambivalent “Others” And The Challenges Of Belonging

Lee Soo-Jung [pp.229-241]

Descriptions Of The Baekdusan And The Surrounding Area In Russian And German Travel Accounts

Sonja Haeussler [pp.242-258]

King Taejo's Buddhist View And Statecraft In Tenth-Century Korea

Jongmyung Kim [pp.259-271]

From Sinocentrism To Civilization Discourse

Kwon Hee Young [pp.272-293]

The Modernity Of Nineteenth-Century Korean Confucianism : A Focus On Perceptions Of World Geography In Choe Hangi's Jigujeonyo

Sohn Yong-Taek [pp.294-307]

Nomadism And The Discovery Of The Nation : The Case Of Yun Chiho

Lee Sang [pp.308-327]

The Resurrection Of Confucianism In North Korea

Chung Young-Soon [pp.328-344]

Sources For An Historical Demography Of Korea : An Introduction

Park Heejin And Kim Duol [pp.345-359]

Counterbalancing Egalitarian Benevolence : A History Of Interpretations Of Zhang Zai's Western Inscription In Song China And Joseon Korea

Lee Junghwan [pp.360-377]

Effects Of School Location On School Organizational Culture In Korea

Park Sam-Chul [pp.378-396]

Between Dreams And Reality : The Military Examination In Late Choson Korea, 1600-1684 By Eugene Y. Park

Chung Hae Eun [pp.397-419]