Volume 16 | Special Issue 10 | November 2023


Guest editors: Dr. Abhijit Chandratreya, Dr. Saurabh Sharma, Dr. Pallavi Sajanapwar, Dr. Sanjaykumar Patil

An Analytical Study of Urban Co-operative Banks in India

Dr. Madhulika Gupta and Madhuri Chaudhari

Chemical Company Dynamics: Unraveling Capital Structure – Financial Performance Interplay in Nifty 100 Index

Prof. Chhaya Thakaji Lande and CMA Dr. Virendra V Tatake

Marketing Strategies of Small Enterprises after Covid 19 in Hyderabad - A Case Study

Dr. Ramesh. Marri

Effect of Eco Labels on Sustainable Consumer Purchase Intentions – A Study with Special Reference to Chennai Region

Dr Nisha U and Afia M

Key Indicators of Financial Inclusion: An Empirical Study in the Context of Rural Murshidabad of West Bengal

Dr. Syed Atif Jilani, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Garg, Dr. Nigamananda Biswas, Prof. Ashutosh Agarwal and Dr. Sandeep Garg

Marketing Imperatives for Indian MSMEs in the Post-Covid Era

Dr. Dilip Nandkeolyar, Dr. Yogesh Mehta and Dr. Abhijit Chandratreya

Mobile Banking Paradigm: Unravelling the Shift in Millennial and Gen Z Consumer Behaviour and Preferences in Private Sector Banks – A Comparative Analysis before and after Covid 19 Lockdown Era in Maharashtra

Dr. Ravi B Bhandari and Dr. Syed Azher Ali

Analyzing the Dynamics of Nifty 50: Exploring the Sensitivity to Foreign Institutional Investment, Gold Prices, Consumer Price Index, and Repo Rates

Prof. Nima Swapnil Gandhi and Dr. Roopali Kudare

Robo-Advisory in the Digital Age: Understanding Millennial Adoption and Perception

Abhishek Raidas

Perception of Online Discount Brokers’ Mobile Applications: Sentiment Analysis and Thematic Composition of Online Reviews

Dr. Jitendrasinh Jamadar and Prof. Preeti Agarwal

Comparative Analysis of Customer Satisfaction: AI Chatbots Vs Manual Chat For Customer Care Services in E commerce Sector

Prof. Asmita Arun Kamble and Prof. Dada Shamrao Patil

The Long-Term Effects of CSR Activities on Organizational Financial Performance and the Development of Indian Society

Dr. Swapnali Kulkarni, Dr. Dipti V. Sharma and Dr. Sarita Samson

The Impact of FINTECH on the Financial Services Industry

Dr. Abhijit Chandratreya, Dr. Gauri Chandratreya and Dr. Pallavi Sajanapwar

The Role of CSR in Real Estate Development: Impact on Project Marketing and Negotiations

Dr. Vinay Nandre, Dr. Prafulla Kumar Padhi and Dr. Abhijeet Birari

Understanding Adoption of wearable technology for sustainable society using TAM

Bijal Thaker and Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth

Analysis of Volatility of Return on Share of selected Automobile Companies

Dr. Shobhit Sagar, Rohit Kaushik and Dr. Abhay Kant

Influence of Spiritual Tourism on enhancing Work-Life Balance of visitors exploring Sacred Destinations in Jammu and Kashmir

Dr. Anju Thapa and Sahil Chouhan

Tech-Infused Customer Service: A Journey of Evolution in Indian Petro Retail

Santanu Purohit, Arvind Kumar Jain and Sujoita Purohit


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